Assessments, The Key to Fact Based Decisions

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Generally, informed decisions are less time and asset consuming than wild guesses. An informed decision is built on facts and measurable aspects that reduce the margin of error. By reducing the margin of error, we reduce the time we have to put and the money wasted behind correcting bad decisions.

I hear a lot of leaders say:” we know what we are doing. We know our business more than anyone else. We have been here for a long time and we have seen it all…..”. This kind of attitude is actually what leads to taking bad decisions and wasting time and money. No matter how much we know, we are still prone to make errors. It is best when we have facts on our hands to rely on an we free our abilities to focus on the key areas derived from such facts. Thus, taking fact based decisions is surely more efficient.

Assessment Tools are the key to fact based decisions

Relying on assessment tools saves us the time spent second guessing and repeating the process over and over because well, we are not entirely sure about what we are doing.

Assessments Tools come in as a backbone for making informed decisions. Whether it’s about employee selection, leadership development, sales and customer service training, team-building, conflict resolution, and other areas, top executives rely on assessment tools to take informed decisions even when creating positive change. Assessments introduce scientific measures to enhance basic critical thinking, motivation, potential skills, work and personal values, as well as behavioral characteristics.


There are many types of assessments. What we need to know at the start is the type of assessment required then decide on the actual specific one. The main types in my opinion are:

Behavioral based Assessments

Behavioral based assessments measure not just the ability to do something, but how it is done. Such tools also help in comparing the way of doing things in relation to other people; such as in the case of leadership competencies.

Functional based assessments

Functional based assessments are designed to measure what is often referred to as technical skills or competencies. They simply mean the ability to perform some technical task. Measuring tasks that are specific to a certain job. Such assessments will enable us to project how well, effective and efficient an individual or a team shall be while assigned to certain projects.

There are many assessment tools available in the market. Different types measure different aspects and are built on a different model. What is important to establish is the need for fact based decisions and the type of measure required. From there, we shall find many specific aspects in selecting a specific tool, the most important of which is validation. We shall hopefully share more about this in the future.



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