We’re Underestimating the Power of Coaching

Coaching Power

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The power of coaching often goes underestimated and unrealized in most organizations around the world. Just as there are certain things that one simply cannot do without guidance and training, one cannot take up responsibilities that they do not know how to execute. Why is it then that many organizational leaders delegate tasks that they know their employees cannot go through with and still blame them afterwards for poor performance?

It’s a proven fact that good coaching improves employee engagement and performance. How? Well, for starters, if the employee knows what he’s doing, he would do it with confidence.

Helping others, that’s where coaching really stems from. Helping others become better at what they do.

Not everyone can be a great coach. It’s important to understand that it’s not only a career, but comes with genuine care for the person you are coaching. As far as it goes, there are five main steps that can help you better understand what should be done:

  • Before you can help or give any kind of advice it’s important you observe and determine what’s really going on. Detecting patterns of behavior can be a difficult thing and can usually take up most of your time. Correct identification of the issue at hand however, can simplify the coaching process.
  • Once you identify what needs to improve or change, you must communicate with the person so they can know and agree to what you’ll be working on with them, and why.
  • There are so many methods to coaching. Finding one that will have the most impact on the person can take time, so try them all.
  • Be present, not just during the process, but before and after. Be there when it’s time to provide feedback, or bring in minor adjustments. Connect with the person you’re coaching.
  • Celebrate the transformation together.

If organizations could understand the importance of good coaching to getting to those stunning results, the workforce would be a better and more efficient place. If the time and effort wasted doing something that will most likely harm the organization can be put into coaching the employees to master what they do, the company would be headed towards the right direction, and grow much quickly.



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