Transformational Leadership: How It’s Changing Us

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Leadership today has a different interface. It’s no longer about solely impacting individuals, but also organizations and societies all the same. Today, we talk about Transformational Leadership, and how its impact differs from any other approach we’ve ever seen.

Transformational Leadership identifies what needs to change. With a clear vision, this change is guided through inspiration, enhancing commitment within the group. It works to improve one’s performance by boosting one’s motivation and sense of identity to the work that is being done. This way, one feels as though being a part of the project, and the project is a part of them.

Why is Transformational Leadership Important?

Many organizations today suffer because of a lack of subtle performance. Why? Because their employees are not motivated or committed enough to put something out there that projects the company’s vision and at the same time highlights their individual touch. Why? Because they do not feel like it’s theirs. Why? Because the leader in them is silenced.

Transformational Leadership comes in to create this special bond between the employee and the work that is being done. Transformational Leadership comes in to guide a group of individuals towards a common vision: the organization’s vision. A real leader is selfless, puts the organization’s goals above his personal achievements, works together with a team to get to that Vision, and grows every step of the way. Individuals under the guidance of a transformational leader therefore outperform themselves, and find that they’re moving together in sync towards one common goal, forever shaping the way the organization moves.

Who can be a Transformational Leader? 

A good transformational leader is one that is able to generate positive change and growth within the organization. To do so, there are certain traits that he must possess. A Transformational Leader knows his way around the company’s goals. He has a set vision, follows that vision through all the way, and gets others to follow it as well, not by force, but by inspiration. He becomes a role model for those who want to be like him. A Transformational Leader is willing to take risks, make tough decisions, and face unknown challenges. He’s passionate and self-motivated, and constantly inspired by his surroundings. A Transformational Leader knows his team, interacts with his team, and creates a special relationship with everyone around him. He sets standards and communicates those standards with his team. Most importantly, a Transformational Leader follows through the set vision and the standards he’s set.

Leadership today has a different interface, and it’s all about how willing and able one is to change the way his team views the work being done. Leadership today has a different interface, and it’s all about transformation.



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