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Ihab Badawi is a Corporate Advisor and a Master Certified Coach specializing in the Leadership field. He is the founder of several companies, which provide professional services supporting companies in Organizational Leadership & Talent Development. 

Ihab offers support and guidance to organizations and individuals in maximizing their true potential to achieve ultimate leadership status. Ihab took on various senior management positions prior to his dedication to enhancing organizational leadership. He was a Chief Commercial Officer, a Vice President, and a Managing Director for various exemplary companies in the Retail, FMCG and Cosmetics industries across the MENA region, India subcontinent, and the ASEAN. 

Ihab bases his passion around one simple idea: “Everyone can lead; whether or not they choose-to is a different story. We all learn about the key characteristics that make up a leader in our academic and professional years, but we often fail to understand that leadership is more about how it is practiced. Leadership is to be confident, beyond the shadow of doubt, to do what you believe needs to be done, and at the same time inspire others to do the same" . Ihab has built and managed various teams, with a proven success record in Corporate Transformation. His work has helped many businesses increase market share, and enjoy a leading & sustainable organizational environment. Most of all, he has inspired others with his work, and helped them understand what really stands behind success in the business world is a leading human element.


“With time, I have come to realize that leadership has no boundaries, and no limitations. It has no restriction to gender, age, or culture It is an energy that awaits to be explored in all of us”


To establish a leadership council that supports rising talents & young leaders to be visionary with a powerful unquestionable belief to drive change.

What I Can Do For You

“My philosophy is simple, I commit to your growth, I walk with you along your journey and keep challenging you to re-invision the status quo. I make sure you look forward to transform, and discover the leader in you”.


Ihab’s transformational journey is a thought provoking and stimulating process, whereby every disposition is questioned, a new intake on life is built, positivity is enforced, and emotions managed & nurtured in order to win on both the personal and professional level.

If you’re experiencing any of the below, know that we have all been through it, and you no longer stand alone

We're good at

  • How do you step off the treadmill?
  • How do you differentiate between priorities?
  • How do you attend to important matters in your life and still be as hard working as ever?
  • How do you stop your career from taking control over your life?
  • How do you succeed at work and still find ways to succeed at life?


The answers to these questions might seem tough right now, and that’s exactly where Ihab’s role come in. 


As a corporate advisor, Ihab specializes in helping organizations, executives, and teams achieve their full potential through organizational transformation, human capital optimization, strategic planning, and process re-engineering. Ihab also serves as a facilitator, running customized workshops and programs that aim at developing new skills & competencies leading to positive impact and sustainable results. 


As a Leadership coach, Ihab supports individuals and teams to undergo a true transformation and discover collaborative leadership from within. The transformative technique enables individuals and teams to unlock inner potential, move forwards to practice learned skills and develop new set of competencies with full commitment.

Core Specialities

Leadership Development Leadership Development
Talent Development Talent Development
Strategic Communication and Conflict Resolution Strategic Communication and Conflict Resolution
Organizational Development Organizational Development
Cultural Transformation Cultural Transformation
Employee Engagement Employee Engagement

How Can You Work With Ihab?

Need An Advisor?

Ihab provides corporate advisory/consultancy services to many corporations in the MENA region. Among the areas he provides support
in are Organizational Leadership, Change Management & Culture Re-engineering, Talent Development, and Strategic Communication.

Need A Personal Coach?

It is great to have someone by your side on your path to victory. Like any athlete, you too can have a personal coach that will help you make the right decisions during the process. Coaching is centered on unlocking a person's potential for a better awareness, clarity, performance and eventually life.

Need A Speaker?

Ihab speaks at various corporate events in different countries around the world. If you want to address an audience, influence them to look at things from a new perspective, you know where to find a speaker. 

Need Some Inspiration?

Follow Ihab’s blog posts! There will be timely blogs addressing various subjects, mainly covering the topic of leadership across different domains, contexts, and specialties. 

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Need Special Treatment?

Need a special support that requires a professional input? You may benefit from the tailor made services that Ihab provides for organizations and executives. Please send a message with your special requirements.

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It is in rough times that organizations realize that they need experts by their side. However, the importance of breakthrough leadership enables companies to avoid reaching those rough times. Leadership at the level of the Organization and the Individuals.


The best executives take advantage of the breakthrough opportunities that arise when there are significant gradual or sudden technological, political, regulatory or socio-economic shifts that can be taken advantage of to move the business forward.


A great breakthrough leader knows when their business model is not aligned to one of the opportunities opened up by one of these big shifts. They are masters of change management.


Too often when business is going well, nobody at a company is screaming for change; it is only when profits are in decline and it is too late. Too often the view is that change is difficult, threatening and risky.If the business isn’t broken, why fix it?"


If you zoom into an organization that’s going through so much trouble to keep up, you’ll notice the amount of valuable time and resources that are being wasted, you’ll see nothing but chains blaming each other for the things that are going wrong. The company is so obsessed with the image it’s projecting that it forgets all about why it exists in the first place, it forgets all about the soul, the essence. Shared vision, the true essence (the why), is an underestimated aspect in certain companies today, while it’s really the key to success. When you have a group of people who walk into the office knowing exactly what the company is about and where it wants to go, you have success guaranteed. The feeling of belonging to a company, sharing its vision, understanding its culture, and finding ways to contribute to its success is what defines a solid culture.


Investing in the right place is an actual saving on the long run. Investing in the right source of expertise, that will drive you through the turbulent waters and allow you to reach the shore for sustainable growth and future, is the right investment. Selecting the right consultant for you is what matters.


Ihab has spent the last decade supporting emerging leaders and establishing teams and organizations to stay on top. He combines experience and knowledge to build the right environment that is receptive to change and transformation.


Develop your team’s skills & competencies Develop your team’s skills & competencies
Create Strategic Communication to develop collaborative relations Create Strategic Communication to develop collaborative relations
Strengthen Leadership alignment Strengthen Leadership alignment
Create the right company culture Create the right company culture
 Foster commitment, collaboration and motivation across the organization Foster commitment, collaboration and motivation across the organization
Establish an environment receptive for change & organizational transformation Establish an environment receptive for change & organizational transformation


The True power is within you

Ihab is a Master Certified Coach (MCC | CPCC) who has helped a lot of individuals, C-suite executives and young adults find their true inner energy and calling in life, to shine and achieve the fulfillment & balance they aspire.  Ihab was able to support his clients through the power of coaching.


It’s time to stop making the wrong choices and stop living in fear and anxiety. Start creating the reality you really want instead, by awakening your “ROAR” inside.


Coaching is about discovering a sense of purpose and aligning your set if values with it. Coaching is centered on unlocking a person's potential for a better awareness, clarity, performance and eventually life.


From this heightened level of consciousness, a person can transform their failure into a stepping-stone to leverage their dreams, purpose and vision and keep expanding. Transforming them to live life by design and not by default, which means it encourages greater understanding and ownership, thus the satisfaction of getting more out of themselves and getting there themselves.


People and organizations face some roadblocks on their way to success. These roadblocks are caused by the absence of a true vision, a clear and defined strategy, awareness of internal leadership competencies, aligned priorities vs. values, in addition to a negative approach to problems. Ihab devises a special skill-set in his coaching approach that enables you to truly be aware of what’s going on around you, and set a clear strategy to move forward despite of all the problems. 


Ihab specializes in leadership and personal development coaching. He believes that with awareness, connection, and the right level of determination, all individuals can achieve great results. That is exactly what he knows he’s here for: to guide people to uncover their internal wisdom and determination. 


Through skillful powerful questions, he will help you discover your answers to any blocks you might be facing so that your choices are in line with your purpose. He will help you identify the perspective that most empowers you so that you see potential in any challenge and a priceless gift in apparent failures. He holds your hand while YOU create the life YOU want for yourself, in a space where Ego-based fears and judgments are simply acknowledged and released, making room for unlimited potential.


In terms of your career, he helps you ramp up your communication game, believe in teamwork, understand the importance of building a network and have good relationships with the people around you. He helps you achieve your full potential, and inspire others to do the same.




Knowledge of what you’re supposed to do is no longer enough to be a successful leader. To be a successful leader you need to understand that it’s no longer about knowing but about what you do, who you are, and what kind of energy you spread when you walk into a room.

Real training assumes you already know the theories. It comes in to challenge the old dispositions, to break the unhealthy habits you have at work, to work on how you turn the theories into real life formulas that will save you and your company from falling apart when things get a little too hard to handle. Real training is about teaching you to be courageous at work. Real Training is about teaching you to know how to make the right decisions.

Ihab has trained many professionals in his career, and realized in the process that there is so much potential when people are trained the right way. Ihab devises experiential learning that enables higher level of engagement and higher level of knowledge retention based on rigorous real time practice.


Transform yourself, Transform your Life

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